Don Golden, Florida

“I believed my staff understood the importance of getting cases filed as fast as the clients were hiring the firm. Unfortunately, what I wanted to be happening and what was actually happening in my business were far apart. Once Richard James showed me how to inspect what I expect by report, the new system took us from filing 4 cases per week to 12 cases per week, and it felt like it happened over night.”

James Miller, Wisconsin

“Working with Rich and figuring out our leads and how to manage our leads has been critical to what we do. In the past, when I wanted to do more business, I would go out and spend more money on advertising. It took Rich to help me realize that I don’t need more leads, but that I need to do a better job of managing the leads I have. Rich’s systems that we have implemented at our firm, mainly with our outbound call center have been instrumental in the growth of our practice. He has a way of kind of really listening to what your needs are before recommending a direction. The plan we put in place helped us to focus on knowing how many leads we get each month and how they turn into clients. Because of the system we created together, we filed two times the number of cases we filed the same month last year. I’m truly grateful for the advice I’ve received from Richard James and his team.”
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Bob Doig, Colorado

“Before I started working with Richard James, I was managing all the incoming calls myself. And to be totally candid, I was fearful of adding another mouth to feed in my office. After hearing Richard tell me all I needed was a hiring system to find the right person, that they would become an investment that paid dividends, I took the plunge. Today, we are setting 300% more consultations each day then I ever set, and I’m having the best month of my career.”

Christian & Victoria Felden, North Carolina

“After working with Richard and his team we’ve seen 100% conversions for the first time ever since we’ve been practicing law. The mastermind event we attended was amazing, and we truly enjoyed all the relationships we’ve made. Richard is so very easy to work with, and his focus is always on the numbers that make sense for our firm. We are excited to see where the future takes us.”

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Alexzander Adams, Oregon

“Richard James recognizes that there are a lot of challenges as an attorney. It’s hard to run a business; it’s hard to manage clients, to keep the bar association happy and still maintain a personal life. Richard breaks down the business of law into the nuts and bolts, and he gives practical advice that works, he’s a very talented individual. And when you think about it, the entire reason we’re doing what we’re doing is that we’re after freedom, and Richard’s practical advice points the way we can buy that freedom. For any attorney thinking of taking the next step, I say, “Just Do It.” Just a few pieces of information from Richard James and you can more than make up for the investment in his program. This has absolutely been the right choice for me, my business, and my family.”

George and Danielle McCranie, Georgia

“After working with Richard James, over several months, he’s not just a consultant that I hired to help me with issues, but he and his whole staff have become like part of my staff and part of my team, and I no longer feel like I’m alone in business. Their whole team is just waiting for a phone call or a question that I have so that they can respond to me back immediately, and it just helps me make decisions; wiser decisions, you know. And in the long run, we make more money and save more money.”

Richard “Bert” Diener, North Carolina

“After sharing a meal with Richard James, we began discussing my Profit and Loss Statement. discovered that the profit in my firm was not aligned with expectations. After some diagnosis, Richard helped me identify that the issue was with my collections department. We simply weren’t being paid for the services we provided. So, with Richard’s help, we built a collections system that doubled the collections to my firm in under a year.”

Elden Sodowsky, Virginia

“Richard James has helped me to manage and maintain calls and convert my prospects into appointments. And what I’m really excited about is building better systems that will help me grow my business and delegate responsibility to my staff. Richard is so vivacious and energetic that I have to hustle to keep up with him. All you need to do is mention one little thing and he’s full of ideas and full of things that you can do and implement, and so I can’t scribble fast enough when I’m on the phone with him. He’s just a great guy to work with. I’m looking forward to continue to work with Richard and his entire team.”

Rick Flume, Texas

“I used to file a lot of cases and then gradually, it had been declining and I finally just got sick and tired of being sick and tired. Everything else I tried just didn’t gain any traction, now I’ve got some traction. Richard is very motivating, very energetic, but he knows the answer to anything he’s asked by anyone in the room. He’s got a game plan and he knows what he’s talking about and more importantly he knows how to communicate it to where you understand it and in a way, to where you’re leaving with a game plan of what you need to do going forward when you get back in your office on Monday. For me that is very helpful.”