James Miller, Wisconsin

“Working with Rich and figuring out our leads and how to manage our leads has been critical to what we do. In the past, when I wanted to do more business, I would go out and spend more money on advertising. It took Rich to help me realize that I don’t need more leads, but that I need to do a better job of managing the leads I have. Rich’s systems that we have implemented at our firm, mainly with our outbound call center have been instrumental in the growth of our practice. He has a way of kind of really listening to what your needs are before recommending a direction. The plan we put in place helped us to focus on knowing how many leads we get each month and how they turn into clients. Because of the system we created together, we filed two times the number of cases we filed the same month last year. I’m truly grateful for the advice I’ve received from Richard James and his team.”
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