Tom McBride, Louisiana

“I’ve been working with the Richard James for 7 months and in that time we had a 28% increase in market share. We were at 38% of our market, and today we’re at 49%! And we did this by working smarter not harder to build better systems. I’ve learned ways to motivate the staff, and everything is smoother. We’ve learned how to make our clients happier and get more referrals. Just a better atmosphere at the office. Everyone is happier, smiling — just with some simple little systems and techniques. Rich and his team deliver results.”

Peter Daigle, Massachussetts

“Well since working with Richard James, we’ve been able to quantify some of the numbers of what I’m doing right now in terms of where are my leads coming from and where my clients are coming from. Now we can look at how to grow my practice by being able to look at data not just gut feeling. I’ve been pretty much flying by the seat of my pants to this point, not knowing what my numbers were until my accountant gave me the tax returns in April. Those days are behind me.”

Ahmad Sulaiman, Illinois

“Richard is a passionate professional. The man is innovative and his people share his vision. We are honored to work with him.”

Jack Morrison, Massachussetts

“I first saw Richard James’ name in Dan Kennedy’s monthly newsletter as the person who helps attorneys systematize their business. So that drew me to say, I’ve got to get a hold of this guy. He really understands attorneys, what we have to go through in order for us to get business, and he knows how to help us speak to the emotional pain points of our prospective clients. Being a part of Richard’s mastermind was an incredible experience. I got to watch how the dynamic of working with other attorneys to connect the dots and got to communicate with them one-on-one. I received so many ideas; I just wanted to get on a plane, run home and start getting it done. It’s a wonderful thing.”

Theron D. Morrison, Utah

“I have learned a lot. When I first started with Rich, the first month we tracked our lead conversion and how many closes we had and we found our conversion was 18 or 20%. It was really low. If you would have asked me before we were tracking that, I would have said that about 80 percent of the people who walked through that door were going to sign up with me. He taught me that I really need to know what’s happening in my firm. Using that information and using those numbers, I have been able to teach my staff how to better close, how to better get people through the door, and ultimately that rate has increased to about 50%!”

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Andres Mejer, New Jersey

“What’s it like to work with Richard James? Well, if you’re the type of person that wants to test a measure, if you enjoy the marketing approach if you want to improve it, working with Richard will get you there. And if that’s what excites you, then Rich is the right guy for you. If you don’t enjoy the marketing, if you don’t enjoy the business development, if you’re not going to focus on what your expenses are, what your revenue is, then Richard is not the right guy to work with. I love his numbers based approach that’s what first attracted me to him. I need more accountability, more assistance when I implement and a stronger, number- based practice. Richard is definitely the right consultant for me.

Maria Jones, Arizona

“I’ve been working with Richard James for a number of years. And from then until now my firm has grown 275%. But, the best news is, I went from wanting to move a couch into my office so I could sleep there to having the practice of my dreams. Today we have over 45 staff members, we serve thousands of clients every year, and my practice truly supports my lifestyle. Richard’s key focus has been on measuring everything — primarily leads and lead conversion. — I credit much of the growth of our firm to this focus. I love working with Richard and his team, and without Rich I would never be where I am right now nor would I have the success I have. Hire Rich, your life will be so much easier!”

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Jeff Kelly, Georgia

“Richard James presents a really compelling message – Measure everything! I’ve never had a clue on how to do that, and he’s really helped me move toward that direction. I can tell you a lot of assumptions that I had in the past were not correct, and some of the stuff that is working is actually working even better than I thought it was. So we’re going to focus on those successes and build from there. I would say Rich is incredible. Learning from him, it’s like drinking from a fire hydrant. All these ideas, they’re fantastic. Sometimes there are so many; it’s hard to absorb all at once. I guess that’s good, I’ll be hanging around Richard James and his team for a long time.”

Elliot H. Stone, California

“One of the great things that Rich taught me with regard to lead conversion is that I need to have a system in place to measure the conversion of leads. Before meeting Rich I didn’t realize what conversion meant. And Rich has showed me how to put systems in place to help me track my leads, down to the source that those leads came from, how to determine what those leads cost me and where I should put my marketing dollars.”

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Howard Snader, Arizona

“Before working with Richard James we converted 40% of our leads into consults. After working with Richard James we’re converting nearly 100% of our leads into consults. Richard showed me how to use the power of systems to create a law firm that grew 40% last year, and we’ve nearly doubled our revenue this month. The key for me has been the events. I’ve been an attorney for 25 years and practiced on my own for 15 and I’ve been stagnant. I have the same gross revenues plus or minus 20% for most of that 15 years. By associating with other attorneys at the events that are at both my level and at higher levels, I’m learning what to do and more importantly, what not to do.”