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Richard “Bert” Diener, North Carolina “After sharing a meal with Richard James, we began discussing my Profit and Loss Statement. discovered that the profit in my firm was not aligned with expectations. After some diagnosis, Richard helped me identify that the issue was with my collections department. We simply weren’t being paid for the services we provided. So, with Richard’s help, we built a collections system that doubled the collections to my firm in under a year.”
Don Golden, Florida “I believed my staff understood the importance of getting cases filed as fast as the clients were hiring the firm. Unfortunately, what I wanted to be happening and what was actually happening in my business were far apart. Once Richard James showed me how to inspect what I expect by report, the new system took us from filing 4 cases per week to 12 cases per week, and it felt like it happened over night.”
George and Danielle McCranie, Georgia “After working with Richard James, over several months, he’s not just a consultant that I hired to help me with issues, but he and his whole staff have become like part of my staff and part of my team, and I no longer feel like I’m alone in business. Their whole team is just waiting for a phone call or a question that I have so that they can respond to me back immediately, and it just helps me make decisions; wiser decisions, you know. And in the long run,…
Tom McBride, Louisiana “I’ve been working with the Richard James for 7 months and in that time we had a 28% increase in market share. We were at 38% of our market, and today we’re at 49%! And we did this by working smarter not harder to build better systems. I’ve learned ways to motivate the staff, and everything is smoother. We’ve learned how to make our clients happier and get more referrals. Just a better atmosphere at the office. Everyone is happier, smiling — just with some simple little systems and techniques.…
Elliot H. Stone, California “One of the great things that Rich taught me with regard to lead conversion is that I need to have a system in place to measure the conversion of leads. Before meeting Rich I didn’t realize what conversion meant. And Rich has showed me how to put systems in place to help me track my leads, down to the source that those leads came from, how to determine what those leads cost me and where I should put my marketing dollars.” Watch Video Testimonial